Case Study: Bull IT Solutions UK & Ireland

Client: Bull IT Solutions UK & Ireland (An ATOS Company)
Sector: Technology and Software
Case Study: Training and Executive Development
Country: Anglo-French headquartered

Our Client:

Bull IT Solutions is now an acquired ATOS company. After a merger in 2010 with a local government body, Bull IT Solutions underwent a restructuring of its’ departments in order to provide new services to a new client target market as well as launch new products in Cloud computing.

The Business Problem:

HR noticed a skills gap existed when faced with serving this new client segment and a lack of leadership skills to head up new departments and teams. There was unrealised potential within the workforce which needed to be tapped and developed to meet this new business challenge and support the repositioning of the company.

The Strategy and Solution:

Phase 1: Selection, Skills Assessment and Design of Training Programme

Acosphere was tasked with conducting a skills assessment of the current workforce and analysing the skills gap. Based on the output, Acosphere, collaborated with the client and subject matter experts to design an 18-month diploma style course in General Leadership and Management. Acosphere also partnered with the Institute of Leadership and Management which endorsed the course and approved the assessment criteria and methodology. The diploma was branded as “Pamplona” with entirely bespoke training modules for Bull.
Working closely with Bull’s HR department Acosphere helped to identify their top 20 key potential managers whom they would develop into leaders based on an agreed criteria.

Case Study Graphic


Phase 2: Training Kick Off Event

Acosphere launched a kick off event in Central London, a 2-day event bringing together top Management from London, Nottingham and France to launch the training course and realign the team with the new company strategy. This included coaching, development of departmental presentations, an interactive lecture with workshops and an afternoon of team building events around the city of London. Delegates were each given an iPad with access to a training website created by Acosphere housing all the training content.


Phase 3: Delivery of Training

The Pamplona General Management diploma was delivered over 18 months at various training venues around the UK. Delegates carried out a pre assessment and a post assessment to measure their progress and skill development. In addition, they completed coursework and pre-reading between modules which accounted for part of their final grade. The actual training modules were delivered in an interactive style, packed with workshops, role plays, group presentations and ideation sessions. Bull benefited from having actionable projects to work on within the company.

At the end of the 18-month period Acosphere conducted an exam style assessment where delegates were asked to present on three key topics within the diploma programme and respond to a case study. Following the exam Bull and Acosphere held a graduation ceremony at the Bull innovation centre in Nottingham. The event was attended by the programme sponsors and Senior Leadership Team as well as a representative of ILM. Delegates received a certificate of completion and lifetime access to the ILM forum where they can benefit from white papers, reports and additional training material.


  • 20 middle managers have graduated to our ILM-certified High Performance Managers programme.
  • 25% of the delegates have been promoted into wider management roles since the beginning of the course.
  • During the assessment, people offered new ideas and new methods of increasing productivity in their business and all 5 ideas were accepted and sponsored by the CEO for immediate implementation. 
  • Every delegate has acknowledged the fact that they have grown personally and professionally during the training. 
  • Pamplona is due to be rolled out company-wide pending budget approval