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6 Tips for New Sales Professionals

Sep 7, 2018

Whether you’re a recent graduate or career changing, if you’re new to sales there are several things you’ll want to know early on.

5 Key building blocks of a sales process

Aug 8, 2018

We’ve been inside many organisations as consultants and the key to driving revenue in a systematic way is having a well-defined sales process that’s methodical and standardised.

3 Steps to Improve your Sales Management Process

Jul 12, 2018

How long it takes you to move a company or individual from prospect to customer? If you know this you can manage your time more effectively and prioritise your sales activity better.

"The team is more confident after the training when they have to do presentations. The combination of oral presenting and the use of tools such as powerpoint was a tremendous leap for them to have a much easier and more impactful way of doing their presentations."

Pap’ Amadou Ngom, President, S&H Group

"Acosphere helped us prepare for our IFFA annual conference and I must say, I’ve never seen a more energised and focused sales team in my history at this company."

Joerg Schmeiser, Product Director, CFS, Netherlands

"Gilles’ presentation on leadership has been inspirational. Anybody who has an opportunity to see or interact with Gilles should jump up on the opportunity"

Anthony Bergasse, MD Bergass (Xerox Distribution Group)

"The team building and strategy event, designed and facilitated by Acosphere, (in January 2017) was our best annual retreat since 2009!"

Pape Madiaw N’Diaye, CEO, AFIG FUNDS

"The team has returned not only in peak form, but they are also already smashing sales targets for this quarter. I would recommend this course to anyone who desires a productive workforce or to reawaken its workforce."

Anthonia Opara, HR Manager - Internet Solutions Nigeria

"Acosphere’s High Performance Training Programme is about every individual reaching their full potential from a holistic perspective. In terms of management training programmes, it has the most all-encompassing and inspiring formats that I have seen in my career."

Jo Sims, Former HR Director UK & Ireland, Bull Information Systems