Case Study: APV SPX Flow

Client: APV SPX Flow
Sector: Technology and Software
Case Study: Training and Executive Development
Country: UK & Worldwide

Our Client:

A global technology group that supplies to markets around the world. Their product range includes; solution software, consultancy and equipment which monitors, controls and automates processes in a variety of business environments. One of its subsidiaries was focused on the food and beverage business and food processing business. For example, within the markets of yoghurts and fizzy drinks, they held and still hold today, some of the icon names in the industry worldwide. This client helps their customers optimise their processes and improve their performance to the highest level.

The Business Problem:

The client was facing problems with declining revenue dropping from around £500 million to £385 million in 2006. They were in acute need of a sales strategy and a shift in sales leadership as well as training, coaching and focusing the entire organisation.

Acosphere entered into an 18-month contract with this client in 2006.

The Strategy and Solution:

Acosphere was engaged in May 2006 on an interim management consultancy contract, initially for 12 months which was later extended to 18 months. The value of the company at the time was in the region of £100 million, 18 months later they were sold for £250 million.

How did we achieve this increase?

Starting with market research we defined the areas of growth where the client needed to focus. For example, China was a big growth market; similarly different regions in Europe and North America were going to be big growth markets. With a combination of large projects and smaller product related opportunities in the different markets we started the market segmentation and market dynamics work which is illustrated below.

Case Study Graphic

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For each market we discerned where the growth was going to come from, how many sales people would be needed, what kind of activity each sales person needed and agreed with the client on how to action it.

With this in place, we set up the go-to-market strategy and helped them implement it by leading the whole process as an interim Vice President of Sales. Within only a span of three months of Acosphere’s assignment with the client there was a marked growth.

As a vital part of the solution we set up the management conference for all managers to be aligned to the strategy.

Employees gained a better understanding of the areas in which we were planning to invest more, China, certain European countries and North America and conversely areas in which we were going to invest less. The workforce not only became aligned with the strategy but also gained a thorough understanding of how we were going to implement it.

In the course of our work with them we brought in some new leaders to drive the top and bottom line forward. The processes at a VP of Sales level, at a Regional Directors level, Sales Managers level and at Sales person’s level were modified and changed. Weekly detailed review meetings of 1 -2 hours were set up which provided a clear understanding of its pipeline and development as well as new incoming business and details of deals being closed. Overall, this gave us clear visibility on the forecast and the activity of the sales people. As a result, we managed to double the touch points that sales people have with a given point of contact on a weekly basis.


  • Revenue grew from £385 - £470 million in the 18 month period that Acosphere was engaged.
  • The sales forces were exceptionally well aligned with the strategy and were clear on the action that needed to be taken regarding account management, bringing in new leads and closing deals.
  • Management were much more aware of how to drive the business forward
  • Substantial growth across the three regions, particularly in China.